Wednesday, 25 September 2013

post 5 - image annotation

We will not copy the exact image of this artist, however this is similar to how we would like our main face of our video to be portrayed. With provocative clothing, feminine features and smart unique clothing to make her stand out and appear powerfull. The bindi could symbolise religion and relate to the idea of the artist being a godess to men whilst her long natural hair could conote that she is still an average woman.

Tuesday, 24 September 2013

Post 4 - lyric annotation

Flying, climbing,
This is what I feel when I'm reverse skydiving,
Neptune, shining,
Frying all the elements as they're combining,
Rewind, timing,
This be the contract for sky I'll be signing,
No concern for wining or dining,
Wind so blue that it might be blinding,
All that I know is I won't be minding

You don't have to jump to fly with me
You don't have to jump to fly with me
You don't have to jump to fly with me
You don't have to jump to fly with me

Flying, climbing,
Giving me a smile, that's the inverse of crying
Upwards, mining
My dress seems like a ruby and the stars be aligning
Sky that's shining
Angles that I'm turning on continue refining
No concern for eyes that are prying
Spell my name with lighting and keep rewinding
All that I know is I won't be minding

You don't have to jump to fly with me
You don't have to jump to fly with me
You don't have to jump to fly with me
You don't have to jump to fly with me

Flying, climbing,
This is what I feel when I'm reverse skydiving,
Neptune, shining,
Frying all the elements as they're combining,
Rewind, timing,
This be the contract for sky I'll be signing,
No concern for wining or dining,
Wind so blue that it might be blinding,
All that I know is I won't be minding

You don't have to jump to fly with me
You don't have to jump to fly with me
You don't have to jump to fly with me
You don't have to jump to fly with me

 With words such as 'flying' 'Neptune,shining', 'wind so  blue that it might be blinding' it gives a sense of a 'out of this world' and abnormal feeling. As she sits on what appears to be a throne in the original music video we are led to believe she could be a goddess looking down on her followers. 
The main character allures and controls her audience through the use of sexual references with in the lyrics. she could be seen as a feminine and is an archetype. Although there is no literal evidence of the lyrics being sexually natured but each can be related. However, these notations are not inappropriate but could play a big role in our video.
'you don't have to jump to fly with me' could symbolize that she is higher than other people but that they don't necessarily need to be at her height to be part of her flock. These lyrics appear to be flirtatious. My group decided that the artist may be domineering over men in particular.'flying, climbing' both refer to being high which could emphasize this idea of power.
My group could show these ideas with locations such as on top of tall buildings representing height, red lipstick to show feminism and perhaps richness/danger and also editing of dreamy images being played in rewind to connote the lyric 'rewind,timing'.
'This be the contract for sky sky ill be signing' again is another reference to the artists high status as it means that she owns the sky. We feel each lyrical meaning can be shown through unique images and editing. 
flowing dance moves may highlight theme of flying which is sung throughout. Having the main face of the video dressed in dark skin tight clothing and lip syncing may have an impact on the audience as it is flirty and can create effect with the meaning of the lyrics as we read.
The repetition of lyrics particularly in the audience can be shown through repetition of shots. Each word can have a specific image in which may emphasize the meaning and also to make it relate to the audience.

Post 1 & 3 - initial ideas and song details



Post 2 - Roles in Music Video


Roles for House Music Video on Make A Gif

This gif shows the roles which as a group we decided to contribute to the music video. Being the more experienced and knowledgeable in the group we decided Jacob would be best suited as the director.We also assigned Jacob to the role of sound, lighting, camera with George and lastly Editing along with the whole group. Me and Meg are taking on the role of mise en scene. This includes choosing unique locations that will have a meaning and costumes that show our initial theme in the music video. The lighting is a big part of a house music video as it can create vibes for the audience. A low level lighting could make a dark feeling whilst bright flashing high level lighting will create a complete opposite atmosphere. Camera people are in-charge of the different shot types and angles to make the video interesting. We decided that the editing will be a group effort. This includes cutting the shots on beats and adding any layers over the top for impact.

Tuesday, 17 September 2013

Audience feedback analysis

The feedback we received appeared to be mostly from male students. Females 41% and males 59%. This means that most of what my group will be working from will probably be male orientated as the female percentage falls lower.

From the people we ask to fill out the survey the range of genres that people favouritise vary. The most popular genre appears to be Indie with a percentage of 27%. The smallest percentage of 2% shared with 7 other genres such as hip hop, drum and bass, old school, house, punk, trap&rap and most genres in general. This gives our group an opportunity to show individuality and creativity in our music video which will be focused on the genre of House. Dance and old disco both share a percentage of 5%. These two genres are very similar to house music as they use electronic noises and synth's created not only through instruments but also computerized. Brit pop is alone at 3%. A lot of artist land under the genre of pop which is why i feel it is the second highest percentage of 24%. It is an easy option to choose to favouritise as although all artists are unique and may not necessarily feel as though they are pop, it is the artists name which puts them there. R&B was chosen by 7% of the people we asked to complete the questionnaire.

60% (which is over half) of the people that filled out our survey were the age 16-25. This means that we will be focusing our music video creation on the majority of the amount asked which luckily are our target audience. 

The majority (82%) of people we questioned happened to say yes to listening to house music which is convenient for me and my group as it means each will be willing to watch our music video. The 38% who said no are most likely those that favouritise indie, rock etc which does not affect us. 

Again, 82% admitted to watching house music videos and named the ones which they did. The most popular seen house music videos are from disclosure as they are in the charts.

The feedback from this question is most effective in the making of my groups music video. From what we have been told is most expecting means we can be unique whilst also satisfying our viewers. The two highest things expected to be seen in house music videos are Dancing (36%) and unsure (32%). Although the 'unsure' percentage is not much help, the rest makes up for it. Clubs, money, house parties, kissing, girls/women all share a minor percentage but could play a big part in the video if they appear. The mostly things that we will include and which my group have been influenced by from other house music videos are dancing, girls, raves and other conventional images which will most likely be unique.

From looking at the questionnaire answers myself it would appear the most popular House artists known of are Disclosure and Alunageorge. The percentage that said yes(82%) is higher than those that said no (28%)

Thursday, 12 September 2013



Hot Natured ft Anabel Englund-sky diving:
This music video follows most of the conventions from my groups chosen music genre deep house. The video in no way has a specific narrative to it leaving the audience to watch the women/character lip syncing. The artist who created the music is not seen whilst the singer featuring in the song is the main focus. In the background there are mesmerizing  images that attract the viewer and are aesthetically pleasing to emphasize the meaning of the lyrics. The mise en scene rarely changes. The cutaways are irrelevant locations which cut on and off the beat. Bright colours are used to high light the happy feeling this genre of music commonly gives off. This is typical of modern house music videos. The point of house music is to make you feel like dancing along. Throughout this video the singer seductively moves/dances to the song whilst lip syncing the lyrics. This both amplify's the lyrics and makes the audience feel inspired to move. Keeping  the camera work the same in the duration of the video makes it  easier for the viewers to follow. With disjuncture images there is rarely any set order to follow, meaning the camerawork is one of the only stereotypical convention from all other genres of music videos.

Disclosure ft London Grammar - Help me lose my mind:




With in this mood board there are images from the genre of house music. Each share the same quality of uniqueness which makes them stand out. These are all artists that are an option for my group to create a music video for. 

Wednesday, 11 September 2013

Goodwins theory


Goodwin's theory focuses on 3 main aspects. These are, illustration, amplification and disjuncture.

MUSIC- the shots always cut to the beat.
LYRICS-  images illustrate the genuine meaning of the lyrics and create a clear narrative with occasional cutaways of the artist performing.
IMAGE- the artist is usually singing/dancing/playing instruments dressed as would be expected

This is a good example of ullustration as the narrative clearly follows the lyrics and illustrates the meaning. however, the artist does not typically perform with in shot but does play the role of a character within the whole video. 


MUSIC- the shots cut on the beat but also occassionally off to emphasize specific features.
LYRICS- the images amplify the song but do not nessarily relate to the lyrics. 
IMAGE- the artists tend to take on fictional roles within the video and play the main character in the narrative.

This is an example of amplifictation as the images appear to show the object in the title which amplifys the lyrics. The artist plays the role of an emotional character and lip syncs the lyrics to the camera. the images do not nessarilly create a clear narrative but do create a story for the audience to pick up on.

MUSIC- the shots cut off of the beat.
LYRICS- images that do not relate to the lyrics are used. This only usually happens if the artist is aready well known and are willing the take risks.
IMAGE- takes on the role/style which is the complete opposite of their original image.

There is no obvious relation between the meaning in the lyrics and the images seen. the shots cut off beat regularly. The artist is not seen within the video meaning they are willing to take risks with their image. 

Carol vernallis theory

This prezi presentation explores and explains Carol vernallis' theory of music videos and highlights the main aspects.

Tuesday, 10 September 2013

Analysis of low budget video

With the video set in only one location (an old empty swimming pool) the filming costs would most likely be low. The amount of people/extras with in the video are what makes it interesting. Throughout it there are numerous dance routines which take place all inside and outside the empty pool.They also dance is large groups as if they are partying which is something teens can relate to.This is what appeals to the viewers and the target audience. Each dancer has a similar hip hop style about them which tends to be associated with a younger generation. The clothing/costumes are probably the only price the makers had to pay, however, even these are probably already owned by the dancers. Kooky abnormal clothing with bright colours stands out above the mise en scene and the plain pastel blue of the pool. The images seen do not necessarily link with the lyrics but do emphasize the meaning by intriguing the audience. By the artist traditionally lip syncing and making eye contact with the camera, it pulls the viewers in and makes them feel as though the artist is interacting with them. This genre of music is electronic pop. During pop songs the artist typically performs in the video. Here the artist does so as recommended conventionally. Most shots are cut to the beat. Some of the editing is more creative such as the boy standing in what looks like a corridor. The editor has made it seem as though he is turning and moving towards the camera but quick jump shots with him facing in different directions. They have also doubled his figure as though he is looking in a mirror. Images of shadows dancing also appear. These add effect to the video. 

Monday, 9 September 2013

The video begins with the three band members pulling up in a rustic old car in what looks like an abandoned location on worn out road tracks. Tumbleweed rolls across the road which is most commonly associated with deserted areas of the world. Over the image is an old fashioned effect which again creates a rustic effect to the mise en scene. As they step out of the car we see they are wearing black and white suits. The smart costumes contrast with the atmosphere of the video. The kicking of the car makes the band appear tough to the audience. They then walk nonchalant towards the camera. We then see cutaways of the parts of the car and legs of the band members. Here we see their style and image that they like to be associated with. As the lead singer is face on with the camera his make up becomes visible. The make up makes him seem scary and timid. Conventionally, the artist begins to lip the lyrics whilst making eye contact with the camera. The first lyrics we hear is 'I WALK A LONELY ROAD' which very much relates to the images seen previously. Images of more abandoned locations such as huts and trees create a lonely and open enviroment. All of the images suggest that somebody once lived in these areas. Throughout the video the audience are constantly reminded  that the theme of the song is about being lonely. Every now and then shots of an open space are revealed adding an effect of vulnerability on the band. 

analysis of rock video


This is an example of a simple and basic music video with all the conventions. The simplicity adds a lot of effect and makes the band stand out. The location is set in what looks like a warehouse with the band in front of a red screen. This colour may be used to symbolize the personality of the band (dangerous, blood, harmful). The large space around them and their placing with in the images makes them seem loud as they are managing to fill the whole room with noise. The high level lighting contrasts with the mood of the song and the meaning behind the lyrics. Different shot types make the video interesting to watch as we see the band from many different angles. The singer is regularly face on with the camera lip syncing into a microphone. Performance from the band is typical of rock genre videos. The eye contact makes the band seem as though they are interacting with their audience. However, this simple technique means that the video can appeal to any sort of audience from any age group. Each band member are constantly jumping around and on an instrument. We are constantly reminded of the genre of music that it is through the bands actions. Shaking of the head is common to rock bands. They are wearing smart/casual clothing and have not made much effort towards looking good in the images. From this the audience can feel their attitude. 

Sunday, 8 September 2013

pop video analysis 2



This video advertises a typical teenage boy band. A group of young adolescent and good looking boys represent their image and style using casual stereotypical teenage clothing and a location that invites the target audience in. As the beginning of the music starts a close up of a hand on a steering wheel is tapping to the melody. The boys are then seen standing on a cliff edge from a high angle. They are throwing stones in the water which emphasizes their age group. The first singer is sat on the right side of the shot, this gives the audience a clear view of the location which is a beach. The singer is lip syncing and making eye contact with the camera to entice the viewers. Many cross dissolves show a numerous amount of cutaways of the boys at the beach as well as a journey there.
 Throughout the video the band are continuously associating themselves as fun people. Running towards the camera and jumping around with one another whilst also lip syncing the lyrics. Each band members personality becomes clear. Although the lyrics do not necessarily link with the images in the video, the meaning of the lyrics remain obvious. As the video continues, a group of girls are seen in more of a gender specific car also travelling to the beach. It becomes clear that these are the girls the boys are each singing about. As the group sing particular lyrics such as 'the way that you flick your hair', a cutaway of a girl flicking her hair comes on the screen. This is both effect and highlights the meaning of the lyrics.
Pointing at the camera whilst singing 'YOU' creates interaction with the bands audience. The mise en scene has been carefully thought through during the making of this video. With the use of lighting the band members heads appear at the bottom of the screen in a dark shade almost like a shadow but with the sky still visible above them. This is effective as it extenuates the instrumentals with in the song whilst they clap and hum along to the beat.
As the night draws in a camp fire comes into the images. This seems fun along with the group laughing and taking pictures. All of the images are things that teenagers can relate to making the song target its audience well. 

Thursday, 5 September 2013

Analysis of a pop video


This first shot in the video sets the location of an outdoors open area. The artist is seen wearing sun glasses and her hair is blowing in the wind. The open space and wind in the hair highlights the idea of freedom which is a connotation of teenagers in general as they enjoy freedom. 

As the artist begins to sing her face appears and she is lip syncing. This is typical of a music video. The way she is handling her hair makes her seem child like and young. Although she is wearing glasses it seems she is making eye contact with the camera which drags in the audiences attention. 

The next shot reveals the artist sitting next to a man. This relates to the lyrics of the song as she is singing about a male that makes her feel young. The male is the driver of the moving vehicle.

This cutaway appears to be of the male she is with in the car. It is as if they are revealing his back ground and life style to the audience to help the audience relate to the video.

This is again another cutaway consisting of the male in the video working out. This may appeal to a younger generation as being fit can sometimes be an  asset for boys. It also gives a better insight to the person the artist is singing about.

Cutaways are a convention of music videos and tend to land on the beat of the song. This is a cutaway of some keys hanging from the ignition. It fills the gaps in the lyrics where the video may not relate to the lyrics.

Here the artist is lip syncing whilst throwing her arms in the air. This may be again to symbolize the idea of freedom associated with teenagers.

The image above is a shot of the front of the car. The mise en scene in this shot shows a long road ahead through a windscreen. This could symbolize a teens future ahead of them.

As the chorus kicks in and the artist sing 'young forever' she throws her arms up and but this time more abruptly. It emphasizes the lyrics she is singing.

As the artist then sing 'YOU' a shot of the driver pushing his foot right down on the accelerator as hard as he can. This could connote how fast life goes when you are having fun which tends to be often when you are young. It also gives the audience a dangerous/wild feeling as though the artist is free.

This is another shot of the artist behaving like a reckless teen yet again. She is attempting to hold hands with a group of teenagers in the car next to hers. The people in the other car are wearing fancy dress and behaving childishly to sell the video to its target audience.

In this shot we can see a large group of people. Their placing within the shot makes them seem perhaps mischievous. The term 'gangs' tends to be associated with teenagers much like the meaning of the lyrics to the song.