Tuesday, 28 January 2014

QUESTION 3 - what have you learned from your audience feedback


Feedback from our audience is essential as these will be the main consumers of our product, and it is important that we know what they are expecting in order for it to be a success. All compliments and criticism have been useful in the development of our music video.
The feedback from students was mostly positive which we found a huge delight as our target audience for a music video is ages 16-30. We asked questions to find out what we could improve in our video to make it more pleasing/interesting for the viewers. We discovered a key positive aspect of the video is the locations and style of editing which makes the audience feel disorientated to give the effect of partying. Another aspect which was noticeably commented on was the artist performing alone through out the whole video. The main concept of our video was the highlight an individual/independent women having fun in her freedom and not needing a man to rely on. The fact that the independence of the artist is noticeable meant that our dominant message has been clearly received.
The negative feedback was mostly about the lack of cut aways. To improve this we researched house music videos on Youtube and found images that commonly occurred in each. We noticed the artist or characters in the videos to be in sunset hours/ night time which we felt emphasized our characters freedom which we were trying to imply. We also decided to use various locations rather than just black and white studios and then one location. This meant more cutaways and images to look at as well as again showing the concept of freedom that the independent character has.



These are some ideas i have screen captured from other music videos of which i think will look effective in our music video and would be conventional for our chosen genre House.

This is a shot of an industrial motor way. I think this would be a good cutaway from the artists face for our video. It gives an urban feel and relates to the genre of house. With speeding cars it could work with the pace of the beat in our chosen song. It would look especially effective in reverse to tie in with the meaning of the title 'reverse skydiving'.

 An image of the artists silhouette with a urban glowing back ground behind to emphasize it. Again this would be an effective cutaway for our video and it seems as though the character is out late and could possibly connote she has been partying. The genre of house is commonly associated with these kind of images and so adding images like this to our video would be conventional.

When receiving feedback on our ancillary tasks (album cover and advertisement) it helped us to improve a lot of aspects. For the advertisement we were told that our colour schemes and images didn't compliment each other nor did they fit with the house genre. The image was taken from a blooper in the creation of the video. The artist has brightly coloured pink hair. The rest of the image was in black and white and above a white back ground with the album name in a bright blue circle. We then re-created the advertisement a numerous amount of times un till we felt it fitted perfectly. The image is now a black and white floating head facing away from the camera. The hair colour is not noticeable but the style of hair could be associated with being rebellious which reflects the idea of freedom. The circle with the album name is no longer bright blue but is instead a thin lined grey circle with a simple font stating the artist and album name. Keeping a simple colour scheme meant that the audience can have an individual opinion on the style. 

The album cover received much more positive responses and needed less improvements. The title of the album is 'Spirit' and the song we made a music video for is called 'reverse skydiving' so we conventionally decided that the images on the album cover needed to reflect these titles. We created a space/universe explosion by mixing food colouring with washing up liquid and milk and took pictures using a HD DSLR nikon camera so that the images were defined. At first all of the images on the cover were different but after gaining feedback we discovered that making every image the same would look more effective. We then edited and inverted the image of space/universe explosion so that the colours fitted out genre and dragged it out to cover the whole album cover. Over the top we added text which states the songs on the album. Having decided from feedback that the multiple images looked unconventional for house we improved it.