Tuesday, 5 November 2013


whilst setting up the white studio scene, we had to prepare the white sheets and ensure they had no creases which could be picked up on the camera. These images show i and my group ironing the sheets to make the shots exactly how we wanted them.

We were fortunate enough to have a dolly track to help up with our filming. We placed the camera on a tripod which could be moved backwards and forwards on the track. This meant we could have smooth transitions for this particular scene/location of shots. To the right of this image is the edge of a massive filming light we were also lucky enough to borrow. This was the main lighting and gave the shots a high level glow on the artists face.
I held up a white piece of paper to help with the adjusting of the lense against a white background. By doing this, jacob could play with the brightness of the camera and to make our shots the way we wanted them to look.
These are a few of the lights we had to light the white background. They gave a bright effect to the shots as they reflected off the white. They also highlighted the body image of the female figure which is a common theme with in our music video.

 We played around with the monochrome effect out 
doors infront of a brick wall for an urban effect. 
These are only testers for our album with the incorrect 
costume. We played around with the natural lighting to 
create a natural feel to the image.
This is the set up of the white studio before the massive 
white sheet was pinned up for the background. You can see the
 tracking device we used for smooth 
close ups and distant shots.

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