Tuesday, 22 October 2013

CD covers

these are images i have drawn that could perhaps be included in our CD album cover. I played with many ideas that could relate to the theme of being male domineering, parties and also 'out of this world'. Each somehow connote the lyrics in the song of our chosen choice and also suit the genre of house.

We have decide we do not want the artists face to be on the cover as it would be unconventional of the house genre to do so. The Image we are most likely to make our front cover is a black and white photo of the artists bare back. The features such as the spine and shoulder bladeds will be visable to add phantasmagorical affect on the audience. Over the image will be the groups logo and name.  transparent circle revealing the bare back behind it with the name 'Reverb' in a basic font. 

Another image, perhaps to be used on the back of the album is a red cup placed on a tube station bench. This symbolises the theme of parties as these specific cups are commonly used for alcohol. With the use of lip stick around the lip it is obvious the cup belonged to as dressed up girl. Everything around the cup will be slightly blurred making the cup the main focus. It will be placed to one side of the mise en scene allowing the viewers to be able to see the background. The Tube station location creates a sense of the end of a night out and the cup has been left behind when the girl is traveling home. A list of the songs and numbers will be in a black font on top of the red cup so that they stand out.

I have drawn a planet to emphasize the idea of being 'out of this world'. We would like the girls style to almost be goddess and controling which can be represented with the use of a planet. It is also an image that best suits our genre. Dark colours and stars give the album a dreamy effect. 

In one of the images of the red cup for the back of the album there is the effect of smoke around it. This is something our target audience (teenages) tend to be associated with as it is likely they smoke or find it an attraction. It gives the image a reckless/careless atmosphere whilst also making the cup the main focus instead of blurring the back ground mise en scene.


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