Monday, 14 October 2013

costume and props

These sunglasses show both that the artists image is stylish and also has a hint of retro. This is a prop for our music video as it is symbolic of our artists image to the audience. We can see traces of old fashioned styles which can he associated with the genre of house music. They also allow the audience to feel as though the artist is dressed up which can fit with the theme of partying seen briefly in our music video shots.

Silver disco pants will stand out well above the black studio shots i and my group have planned to include in our music video. They are skin tight which helps emphasize the idea of alluring men and being domineering. This type of clothing can seem flirtatious which we feel relates with the lyrics of our chosen house music song. Again they fit in with our scenes as these 'disco' pants can be associated with partying. They fit in with our genre of music and best suit our artist image.(I have not yet bought this product so am unable to take my own picture).

This is again another alluring and retro style item of clothing to fit in with our artists image and to create a party  feeling for the audience. This will look best in the white studio shots. We chose  this piece of clothing as it is simple and could effective. Its plain features create a  natural but glamorous touch to  our artist along with the  plain silver tight disco pants.

We have chosen a red cup to be a prop in our music video as it holds connotations of drinking and parties. These cups are commonly seen at specific partying environments and are something young people (our target audience) can understand. This may also be one of the images in our cd cover to symbolise a night out. The cup will be placed on a bench at a tube station to highlight that the young teenage artist has been out and is now traveling away from the party.

dr marten boots, lights, versace top.

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