Tuesday, 15 October 2013

Final Animatic

This is an anamatic of the story board I and my group created to represent the shots that will be included in our music video. We have placed the images to the music to show where we would like each shot to cut and change to the next. We have also taken the time to edit the music to roughly how it will be for the actual video as it was far to long before. When the music is exact, the animatic will be adjusted to the beat properly. Most shots are in black and white while the party scene is in colour to really emphasize the idea of coming alive. With black and white studio shots the costume we have chosen will stand out and be effective for our artists image. The phantasmagorical body shots of the artists belly and legs are revolving shots which only appear every now and again but are obvious that the camera is actually rotating around the body as it dances, however this cannot be very well portrayed with the use of a still shot anamatic. There are various close ups, mid shots, high angle and low angle, a range of lighting, locations, costumes and also effects that will make our video interesting for the viewers.

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