Tuesday, 10 September 2013

Analysis of low budget video

With the video set in only one location (an old empty swimming pool) the filming costs would most likely be low. The amount of people/extras with in the video are what makes it interesting. Throughout it there are numerous dance routines which take place all inside and outside the empty pool.They also dance is large groups as if they are partying which is something teens can relate to.This is what appeals to the viewers and the target audience. Each dancer has a similar hip hop style about them which tends to be associated with a younger generation. The clothing/costumes are probably the only price the makers had to pay, however, even these are probably already owned by the dancers. Kooky abnormal clothing with bright colours stands out above the mise en scene and the plain pastel blue of the pool. The images seen do not necessarily link with the lyrics but do emphasize the meaning by intriguing the audience. By the artist traditionally lip syncing and making eye contact with the camera, it pulls the viewers in and makes them feel as though the artist is interacting with them. This genre of music is electronic pop. During pop songs the artist typically performs in the video. Here the artist does so as recommended conventionally. Most shots are cut to the beat. Some of the editing is more creative such as the boy standing in what looks like a corridor. The editor has made it seem as though he is turning and moving towards the camera but quick jump shots with him facing in different directions. They have also doubled his figure as though he is looking in a mirror. Images of shadows dancing also appear. These add effect to the video. 

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