Monday, 9 September 2013

analysis of rock video


This is an example of a simple and basic music video with all the conventions. The simplicity adds a lot of effect and makes the band stand out. The location is set in what looks like a warehouse with the band in front of a red screen. This colour may be used to symbolize the personality of the band (dangerous, blood, harmful). The large space around them and their placing with in the images makes them seem loud as they are managing to fill the whole room with noise. The high level lighting contrasts with the mood of the song and the meaning behind the lyrics. Different shot types make the video interesting to watch as we see the band from many different angles. The singer is regularly face on with the camera lip syncing into a microphone. Performance from the band is typical of rock genre videos. The eye contact makes the band seem as though they are interacting with their audience. However, this simple technique means that the video can appeal to any sort of audience from any age group. Each band member are constantly jumping around and on an instrument. We are constantly reminded of the genre of music that it is through the bands actions. Shaking of the head is common to rock bands. They are wearing smart/casual clothing and have not made much effort towards looking good in the images. From this the audience can feel their attitude. 

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