Sunday, 8 September 2013

pop video analysis 2



This video advertises a typical teenage boy band. A group of young adolescent and good looking boys represent their image and style using casual stereotypical teenage clothing and a location that invites the target audience in. As the beginning of the music starts a close up of a hand on a steering wheel is tapping to the melody. The boys are then seen standing on a cliff edge from a high angle. They are throwing stones in the water which emphasizes their age group. The first singer is sat on the right side of the shot, this gives the audience a clear view of the location which is a beach. The singer is lip syncing and making eye contact with the camera to entice the viewers. Many cross dissolves show a numerous amount of cutaways of the boys at the beach as well as a journey there.
 Throughout the video the band are continuously associating themselves as fun people. Running towards the camera and jumping around with one another whilst also lip syncing the lyrics. Each band members personality becomes clear. Although the lyrics do not necessarily link with the images in the video, the meaning of the lyrics remain obvious. As the video continues, a group of girls are seen in more of a gender specific car also travelling to the beach. It becomes clear that these are the girls the boys are each singing about. As the group sing particular lyrics such as 'the way that you flick your hair', a cutaway of a girl flicking her hair comes on the screen. This is both effect and highlights the meaning of the lyrics.
Pointing at the camera whilst singing 'YOU' creates interaction with the bands audience. The mise en scene has been carefully thought through during the making of this video. With the use of lighting the band members heads appear at the bottom of the screen in a dark shade almost like a shadow but with the sky still visible above them. This is effective as it extenuates the instrumentals with in the song whilst they clap and hum along to the beat.
As the night draws in a camp fire comes into the images. This seems fun along with the group laughing and taking pictures. All of the images are things that teenagers can relate to making the song target its audience well. 

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