Thursday, 5 September 2013

Analysis of a pop video


This first shot in the video sets the location of an outdoors open area. The artist is seen wearing sun glasses and her hair is blowing in the wind. The open space and wind in the hair highlights the idea of freedom which is a connotation of teenagers in general as they enjoy freedom. 

As the artist begins to sing her face appears and she is lip syncing. This is typical of a music video. The way she is handling her hair makes her seem child like and young. Although she is wearing glasses it seems she is making eye contact with the camera which drags in the audiences attention. 

The next shot reveals the artist sitting next to a man. This relates to the lyrics of the song as she is singing about a male that makes her feel young. The male is the driver of the moving vehicle.

This cutaway appears to be of the male she is with in the car. It is as if they are revealing his back ground and life style to the audience to help the audience relate to the video.

This is again another cutaway consisting of the male in the video working out. This may appeal to a younger generation as being fit can sometimes be an  asset for boys. It also gives a better insight to the person the artist is singing about.

Cutaways are a convention of music videos and tend to land on the beat of the song. This is a cutaway of some keys hanging from the ignition. It fills the gaps in the lyrics where the video may not relate to the lyrics.

Here the artist is lip syncing whilst throwing her arms in the air. This may be again to symbolize the idea of freedom associated with teenagers.

The image above is a shot of the front of the car. The mise en scene in this shot shows a long road ahead through a windscreen. This could symbolize a teens future ahead of them.

As the chorus kicks in and the artist sing 'young forever' she throws her arms up and but this time more abruptly. It emphasizes the lyrics she is singing.

As the artist then sing 'YOU' a shot of the driver pushing his foot right down on the accelerator as hard as he can. This could connote how fast life goes when you are having fun which tends to be often when you are young. It also gives the audience a dangerous/wild feeling as though the artist is free.

This is another shot of the artist behaving like a reckless teen yet again. She is attempting to hold hands with a group of teenagers in the car next to hers. The people in the other car are wearing fancy dress and behaving childishly to sell the video to its target audience.

In this shot we can see a large group of people. Their placing within the shot makes them seem perhaps mischievous. The term 'gangs' tends to be associated with teenagers much like the meaning of the lyrics to the song.

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