Monday, 9 September 2013

The video begins with the three band members pulling up in a rustic old car in what looks like an abandoned location on worn out road tracks. Tumbleweed rolls across the road which is most commonly associated with deserted areas of the world. Over the image is an old fashioned effect which again creates a rustic effect to the mise en scene. As they step out of the car we see they are wearing black and white suits. The smart costumes contrast with the atmosphere of the video. The kicking of the car makes the band appear tough to the audience. They then walk nonchalant towards the camera. We then see cutaways of the parts of the car and legs of the band members. Here we see their style and image that they like to be associated with. As the lead singer is face on with the camera his make up becomes visible. The make up makes him seem scary and timid. Conventionally, the artist begins to lip the lyrics whilst making eye contact with the camera. The first lyrics we hear is 'I WALK A LONELY ROAD' which very much relates to the images seen previously. Images of more abandoned locations such as huts and trees create a lonely and open enviroment. All of the images suggest that somebody once lived in these areas. Throughout the video the audience are constantly reminded  that the theme of the song is about being lonely. Every now and then shots of an open space are revealed adding an effect of vulnerability on the band. 

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