Wednesday, 11 September 2013

Goodwins theory


Goodwin's theory focuses on 3 main aspects. These are, illustration, amplification and disjuncture.

MUSIC- the shots always cut to the beat.
LYRICS-  images illustrate the genuine meaning of the lyrics and create a clear narrative with occasional cutaways of the artist performing.
IMAGE- the artist is usually singing/dancing/playing instruments dressed as would be expected

This is a good example of ullustration as the narrative clearly follows the lyrics and illustrates the meaning. however, the artist does not typically perform with in shot but does play the role of a character within the whole video. 


MUSIC- the shots cut on the beat but also occassionally off to emphasize specific features.
LYRICS- the images amplify the song but do not nessarily relate to the lyrics. 
IMAGE- the artists tend to take on fictional roles within the video and play the main character in the narrative.

This is an example of amplifictation as the images appear to show the object in the title which amplifys the lyrics. The artist plays the role of an emotional character and lip syncs the lyrics to the camera. the images do not nessarilly create a clear narrative but do create a story for the audience to pick up on.

MUSIC- the shots cut off of the beat.
LYRICS- images that do not relate to the lyrics are used. This only usually happens if the artist is aready well known and are willing the take risks.
IMAGE- takes on the role/style which is the complete opposite of their original image.

There is no obvious relation between the meaning in the lyrics and the images seen. the shots cut off beat regularly. The artist is not seen within the video meaning they are willing to take risks with their image. 

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