Thursday, 12 September 2013



Hot Natured ft Anabel Englund-sky diving:
This music video follows most of the conventions from my groups chosen music genre deep house. The video in no way has a specific narrative to it leaving the audience to watch the women/character lip syncing. The artist who created the music is not seen whilst the singer featuring in the song is the main focus. In the background there are mesmerizing  images that attract the viewer and are aesthetically pleasing to emphasize the meaning of the lyrics. The mise en scene rarely changes. The cutaways are irrelevant locations which cut on and off the beat. Bright colours are used to high light the happy feeling this genre of music commonly gives off. This is typical of modern house music videos. The point of house music is to make you feel like dancing along. Throughout this video the singer seductively moves/dances to the song whilst lip syncing the lyrics. This both amplify's the lyrics and makes the audience feel inspired to move. Keeping  the camera work the same in the duration of the video makes it  easier for the viewers to follow. With disjuncture images there is rarely any set order to follow, meaning the camerawork is one of the only stereotypical convention from all other genres of music videos.

Disclosure ft London Grammar - Help me lose my mind:

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