Tuesday, 24 September 2013

Post 2 - Roles in Music Video


Roles for House Music Video on Make A Gif

This gif shows the roles which as a group we decided to contribute to the music video. Being the more experienced and knowledgeable in the group we decided Jacob would be best suited as the director.We also assigned Jacob to the role of sound, lighting, camera with George and lastly Editing along with the whole group. Me and Meg are taking on the role of mise en scene. This includes choosing unique locations that will have a meaning and costumes that show our initial theme in the music video. The lighting is a big part of a house music video as it can create vibes for the audience. A low level lighting could make a dark feeling whilst bright flashing high level lighting will create a complete opposite atmosphere. Camera people are in-charge of the different shot types and angles to make the video interesting. We decided that the editing will be a group effort. This includes cutting the shots on beats and adding any layers over the top for impact.

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